Rad-Wahnsinn in Amsterdam

Willem van Heijningen, a railway official responsible for bikes around the station, said, “It’s not a war zone, but it’s the next thing to it.”

Zu viele Fahrräder…
Increasingly, some are saying what was simply unthinkable just a few years ago: There are too many bikes.

Unter Kontrolle bringen?
While cities like New York struggle to get people onto bikes, Amsterdam is trying to keep its hordes of bikes under control. In a city of 800,000, there are 880,000 bicycles, four times the number of cars.

… but the problem of where to park their bikes once they get to where they’re going, in a city with almost more water than paved surfaces.

Wenn das alles Autos wären…
Thomas Koorn, of Amsterdam’s Transport and Traffic Department: “We don’t think there’s a crisis; we want to keep it attractive,”… “You cannot imagine if all this traffic were cars.”

Die Mopeds…
„While the noisy scooters account for only 3 percent of traffic, they are responsible for 16 percent of traffic accidents. “The city cannot cope,” he said. “We need a change.”

Wildes Parken…
But the greatest challenge is the wild parking of bikes, Mr. Post acknowledged.

Überall: Zu viele Fahrräder…
“There are too many bikes,” he said. “At train stations, shopping malls, in residential areas, everywhere there are more bikes than bike racks.” “When you look at the large squares, on a Friday night the place is completely covered with bikes“

Eine Frage der Ästhetik…
“There is also a question of aesthetic values.”

Still, no one dreams of limiting bike use.


„Hilfe, wie finde ich mein Rad wieder?“

Zitate und Foto aus „New York Times“, Europe, 20 Juni 2013


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